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I wrote a soundtrack for a little promotional video

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Goodbye and thank you for the fish

One of the last Rocketnetwork - sessions. Initiated by me on the new T200 Hammond. Gub did drums and Bass. Contributing: Tomben, Dealer, Lennie, Fretman, Bob, Kara, Herman, Bigmoon, Bombstar, Dadibrodo, Margot, Steve, Mixmastermark, Taszla, Doozy, Music1961 - hope I meantioned all..... Rocket Zombies 4 The tune was started with a T200 loop and Rhodes. and gub did drums and some vocs. Tomb added Bass, Bombstar the second voice part. Tomben did a funky guitar and a guit-trumpet intro. Dealer did some Guit riffs and alto sax. Everybody mentioned?