Wil on March 21 2003

I was born in 1954 near Bochum in Germany. At 8 years of age I started a "classical" piano education. My teacher was a co-student of Kurt Edelhagen, a german jazz musician. So he introduced me to boogie-woogie, blues and jazz. I played with some local R&B bands form the late 60th on. In 76 I bought a Fender Rhodes Piano Mark I and started playing with a funk/rock band. My first synthesizer was a Korg MS 20. The band got more and more professional and did some studio recording. As my job didn`t leave much time for music I left the band in 1983. Computer programming became my new hobby and I did lots of work programming a quality assurance program the next years. At the beginning of the 90th I learned how to use the PC for music. A MIDI sequencer was bundled with a new soundcard - and I started experimenting with midi.

Then the possibilities of the internet exploded and Res Rocket was formed in 1994. This program was a fully working MIDI sequencer and allowed musicians to work online. From now on I was able to join musicians all around the world. Meanwhile Res Rocket evolved to rocketnetwork - a professional audio collaboration system on the net.

I reactivated my Fender Rhodes piano - which over all the years was hosted at my parents cellar. U can see it with my other gear on this homepage. First I recorded using Logic Audio Platinum software from emagic. But emagic stopped supporting PC platforms in early 2003 and I didn`t want to change to the Big Mac, so I crossgraded to Steinberg`s Cubase SX - which is a very comfortable program. Getting more and more involved in internet jamming I built up a little homerecording studio. For the more vintage sounds I bought a Hammond T200 (tonewheel spinett model organ) and for synth and virtual instruments I picked up the creamware system (Pulsar II and Luna II).

Unfortunately Rocket closed up due to lack of money on March 31 2003 - A black Monday for internet music. But the idea will live on. Meanwhile there are some places for internet track-exchange.

In 2004 I formed the online jamming site Jamwith.us which integrates Fred Clarks dawSYNC system with a forum and session managing site.

Since 2005 I play in a live cover-band - thats fun indeed! Maries Heartbreak Orchestra